Suzuka International Racing Course is an international race course located in Suzuka, Mie Prefecture, Japan. It is one of the few tracks in the world that has a figure 8 layout, with an overpass near turns 9 and 15. It is used for grand prix racing and sometimes motorbkie racing

In Real Racing 3, the player can race on its three different variants, the East Circuit, the West Circuit, and the Grand Prix Circuit in various events. It was one of the courses included when Real Racing 3 was first released.


Файл:Suzuka23 Eastpng.png

East Circuit

Файл:Suzuka3 West.png

West Circuit

Файл:Suzuka3 GP.png

Grand Prix Circuit

Circuit LengthsПравить

Variant Length
East Circuit 2.234 km (1.394 mi)
West Circuit 3.466 km (2.154 mi)
Grand Prix Circuit 5.807 km (3.608 mi)


  • This is the only circuit in asia in Real Racing 3
  • This is the only circuit with an overpass in Real racing 3
  • It is home to the Japanese Grand Prix
This circuit, in its Grand Prix Variant, is 5835 m longer. The West Circuit has its finish line in the Crossover, and when reaches Casio Triangle, it goes right to Dunlop. The East Circuit has the finish line after Casio Triangle and when it goes for Dunlop, turns left and goes to turn 17.

Trivia Править

  • The S turns are very confusing, because the braking times. On a car with good cornering, you shouldn't brake at turn 3. If you want to go faster go onto in turn 4. Brake in turn 6 is practically obligation, just a little bit.
  • The Spoon is a very long turn, where you have to brake two times: one before and other into it.
Suzuka International Racing Course

Официальная международная трасса. Находится в городе Судзука, префектура Миэ, Япония.
Имеет множество вариаций, дополнительных трасс и конфигураций. Одна из самых известных трасс мира.

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