Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is a racing circuit located near the Belgian town of Francorchamps, Walloon. The circuit has hosted motorsport since the 1920's. Up until the end of the 1970's the circuit consisted of fast, flowing, public roads and the circuit quickly gained a reputation as one of the quickest and most dangerous on any racing calendar. In 1979 the circuit's layout was changed to the one used today because the old circuit was simply too dangerous. Since the new layout was built, it has stayed the same with the exception of different configurations of the Bus Stop Chicane before the La Source Hairpin. The circuit still follows part of the old layout from the exit of Stavelot Corner all the way to the exit of La Raidillon corner. Some noteworthy corners include La Source Hairpin, which is a good overtaking spot and important to get right for the upcoming high speed section. Eau Rouge & La Raidillon are incredibly fast corners with a huge uphill climb, it's important to carry as much speed as possible out of La Raidillon for the Kemmel Straight right after it. Blanchimont is a super quick curve that is approached at very high speed, commitment is key for this corner. The Bus Stop Chicane is one of the slowest parts of the track and has a long braking zone before it. This right, left chicane is a good overtaking spot and ends your lap at Spa.

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