Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is an international race track located in Montemeló, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Built in 1991, it first hosted the Spanish Grand Prix, and also the 1992 Summer Olympics cycling events since Barcelona was chosen to host the olympics. There are 16 major turns in the track, with a mix of speed stretches and change of elevation.

In Real Racing 3, the player can race on this track in various events added after the Ferrari update since it was a newer track. Players can race on the Club Circuit, the National Circuit, and the Grand Prix Circuit.


Файл:Catalunya3 CLub Circuit.png


Club Circuit

Файл:Catalunya3 National Circuit.png


National Circuit

Файл:Catalunya3 GP Circuit.png


Grand Prix Circuit

Circuit Lengths

Variant Length
Club Circuit 1.703 km (1.058 mi)
National Circuit 3.067 km (1.906 mi)
Grand Prix Circuit 4.727 km (2.397 mi)


  • Circuit de Catalunya was added with the first Ferrari update
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