Real Racing 3 вики
Real Racing 3 вики

Autodromo Nazionale Monza is a race track located near the city of Monza, north of Milan, in Italy. Along with Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Silverstone and Circuit de Monte Carlo, this is one of the most prestigious races of the Formula One calendar

This is one of the oldest tracks in the world, built in 1922. It is also known as a 'power track' because of the high engine power and top speed required for a good lap here.

This track was added in the Spada Codatronca Update (v3.1) of January 2015.


This is the description of the Road Course Circuit. Only one of these turns is too on the Junior Course. The speeds are for the Ferrari 412 T2, and aproximated for Ferrari F14 T, because of their similarities.

1.-Rettifilo Tribune. Chicane right-left. 320/325 kph before you brake. 108/110 kph into the turn. 140/150 in the exit.

2.-Biassono. Right turn, very open. 255/270 is the speed pass.

3.-Variante della Roggia. Chicane left-right. 325/330 kph before you brake. 115/120 kph into the turn. 160/170 kph in the exit

4.-Prima Curva di Lesmo. Right turn of 90 degrees. Inclinated a little bit at the interior. 164/170 kph speed pass.

5.-Seconda Curva di Lesmo. Right turn of 95 degrees aproximating. 170/175 kph speed pass.

6.-Serraglio. Left turn of 175 degrees. For the car, it's practically a part of the straight. If the speed pass of Seconda Curva di Lesmo is correct, at this part, speed should be 290/300 kph.

7.-Vialone. Left turn of 120 degrees. 325/330 kph before you brake. 140/150 kph into the turn.

8.-Variante Ascari. Chicane right-left. The correct thing to do is don't brake because of the cornering of the F1 cars. At first turn, speed would be about 200/210 kph, and, in the second turn, 230/240 kph.

Now, a big straight appears. At the beginning, the Junior Course goes into this straight, called Ascari, too.

9.- Parabolica. Right turn of 180 degrees. It's the only turn that have got at the same time both courses. 327/330 kph before you brake. 180/200 kph into the turn. 230/240 kph into the turn.

Right now, a big straight introduces you in the finish line again.


Файл:Parabolica Monza rr3.jpg

Panoramic Vision of Parabolica Turn

Файл:Monza rr3.png

Map of the Road Course. The Junior Course has grey color and it's at the right of the finish line


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